• CoolCoach Academy


    for Sports Players

    Build coaching skills and life skills for a strong career in the fitness & sports industry
    Learn and Earn on the way to becoming a certified fitness coach!
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    CoolCoach Academy

    for Sports Players

    Build coaching skills and life skills for a strong career in the fitness and sports industry
    Learn and Earn on the way to becoming a certified fitness coach!
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1 Month Residential Camp:


Location: Pune

Fitness Coaching Technique

Personal Fitness

Professionalism & Technology

Lifelong Learning Techniques

Better English

11 Months Work Experience:


Locations: Pune, Delhi, Kozhikode and Kochi

  • 435 practice sessions
  • Master the subjects on-the-job!
  • Coach at schools and online
  • Guidance from industry experts
  • Sunday learning sessions to update your knowledge

Fitness Coach Certification on successful completion!


Sports Achievement*

Aged 18+

English Knowledge

Minimum 10th Pass

*We encourage sports players who train regularly and play competitively to apply!

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Earning Opportunities as a Certified Fitness Coach:


Coach clients all around the world right from your home

At a Gym

Coach people at a fitness facility near you

In Person

Lead sessions in apartments, societies & offices for individual clients or small groups

At Schools

Coach and Inspire young students to become physically literate

From Learner to Coach!

Through our 12-month Fellowship, sports players master 5 subjects from coaching skills to life skills!

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More about Your Fellowship Journey!

At Camp (in-person and out-of-station)

Four weeks to prepare you for your job coaching PE in schools. You will complete theory and practicals on fitness science, children’s coaching, and professionalism in a school environment

This year we are excited to coach you in an inspiring location with access to the outdoors. A welcome back to nature and sunshine after COVID-19!

Weekends for Learning

While building Work Experience you will train on Sundays with experts from the fitness and sports coaching industries in India. Master the CoolCoach subjects in your journey from Learner, to Athlete, to Professional, to Coach!

Weekdays for Earning (Month 2 onwards)

As a CoolCoach Fellow you will earn a monthly stipend by doing the following:

  • Coach and actively manage PE periods at a CoolCoach partner-government school.

  • Actively manage the school’s sports activities and sports team. Train students for various competitions at different levels. 

  • Guide students to meet their fitness benchmarks.

  • Build additional experience coaching clients online.

CoolCoach Games

Coach your students to compete in the annual CoolCoach Games! The competition is for U8s, U10s, U12s, u14s and U17s, to discover the fittest girls and boys in every category!

Fees & Stipend

Admission Fee:  Rs. 75,000   Rs. 10,000*
Includes a seat at CoolCoach Academy, residential training, and kit with t-shirts, stationery, coaching equipment

*taxes applicable
Program Stipend: Rs. 1,10,000* (while you learn)
Yes! At CoolCoach Academy, you earn Rs. 10,000 per month for 11 months to learn on-the job!

*taxes applicable

CoolCoach Academy Fellowship

Program Duration: 1 year (full-time)
Includes classroom learning as well as on-the-job learning
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